Juliane Jeske

about me

I'm a freelance creative - UI/UX - grafik designer - frontend dev - mixed media artist -
born and raised 20km south of berlin.
I strive for unique design identies and I believe the most successful work results are achieved when you strive with a great passion for your own job and when you are pursuing a common vision with every project partner. With this attitude, I have so far been able to achieve the best results in co-creation.

In my design philosophy I follow a hollistic, user-centered approach. While focusing on a design system integration in a complex design environment, I envision to improve the internal cooperation of the various departments, ensuring the quality of the product and to support business owners to amplify and accelerate the visual and digital transformation they’re leading.

In my career as Freelance Designer I gained relevant experiences designing brand identities, websites and interfaces. I was able to acquire a broad technical skill set of knowledge and expertise within the design product development process. I can look back successfully on having supported companies from the early stages of concept development, prototyping, designing and managing the implementation, as well as assuring the quality of the final product. I always have been working closely with stakeholders to align business needs and user needs and to agree on a comman vision to thrive there product.

I'm a visionar with a bold point of view. I see every cooperation as an opportunity to evolve professionally, to create new innovations and to develop them iteratively according to business requirements and user needs.

x Juliane Jeske

Life is an endless journey of creation I give expression to, in drawings, photography and Mixed Media Art