• Please contact me via Contact form, to explain your project. Furthermore I have a Questionaire to narrow down your individual request. I will follow up on that to inform you If I'm the right fir for that collaboration.

  • Full Stack Services?
  • I offer the full service from Brand Strategy, Corporate Identity Design, Print Colleteral as well as UX Audit and Analysis and UX Design Services. The Design of Websites, Webshops and Packaging Design is also part of my Design Services. I take care of Basic SEO Settings and the Google Analytics Integration. I also can help with Squarespace and Webflow Setup.

  • How does the typical project process looks like?
  • If you book a personal consultation via calendly, you have to make an upfront payment of 120€, we will have a 1 hour focus session to get to know each other, to discuss your requirements and goals.

    For a full Requirement Workshop there needs to be an upfront payment of 1.280€

    You will receive a first audit/proposal which will frame the services you need to realise your project. If you agree with it, we will define milestones. After your first milestone payment is made we start the project.

    As my work is based on a design sprint process, I dont offer adjustment phases, the development of your design is a continues process of iteration. Where you decide at what stage you are happy with the result and this could take 1 sprint or take up to 30 sprints.

    You can also apply with your project idea, sending a project request. This is free of charge.

  • What do I need to prepare to work with you?
  • Best would be, if you already have clarity about the Service you need. If you apply with your Project please Describe your Problem or Request as detailed as possible.

    Please prepare all your relevant Text for the Website or Designmaterial, as well as LogIn Data for third partee access.(eg. Webserver).

  • How is your communication processes for meetings and updates on work progress?
  • The official language of communication is English to ensure that everyone can participate. This simplifies the documentation and the standardization of work processes in the entire project. I have established a solid flow of information and a structure that ensures fast and smooth cooperation. Communication initially takes place via email and your access to the Dropbox Paper or Asana project. I use Zoom for weekly meetings. Large projects get access to a Slack channel. Before I start working on your project, you will receive detailed instructions and access authorization to my most important communication tools. I make sure you have everything you need to help plan, track progress, and attend recurring meetings. My goal is to ensure transparent communication.


    What are the deadlines and important meetings within the program?

    If you cannot attend a meeting, please cancel that meeting 48h before, otherwise it will be charged in total. I have to plan ahead and changes affect my workload.

  • What are the payment conditions?
  • For Companies that have only recently been in business or are interested to start a business: must pay 100% (upfront payment min.120€ for an Infocall / 450€ per service day / 1.280€ / 4.500€) for the service in advance.
    Established companies with a trading history are either billed once a month if we work on an hourly/dayly basis. In the case of fixed-price projects, a 50% deposit is generally charged in advance

    I issue an invoice once a month, usually on or around the 5th of the month.

  • Can I get an offer with a quote?
  • You can apply with your project Idea using the form on my website and I will get back to you with a project proposal.

    I offer you a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your business (design audit 1.280€ - 4800€) and help you choose the right service package for your project (discovery call 120€), based on your business goals and budget. Please understand that I cannot accept all inquiries as I absolutely want to make sure that I deliver high quality work and meet deadlines. If I see the potential for a collaboration, but don't have the capacity, I will offer you an alternative date for your project.

  • Change request policy?
  • Changes are inevitable in any dynamic project such as a new development. Still, there have to be some rules to organize the timing and number of changes so I can keep my promises and deliver on time. As I work in Sprints, we can implement a new direction a change in design or requirements for a new Sprint or as part of Improvement in a Backlog. If I already started to work, I will not be able to take redesign requests as part of the same service package.

    If the new request matters to you, there are three options:

    1- Include this as a replacement for another feature in the service package
    2- Add it to the existing service package with additional working hours
    3- Book this feature seperately

  • What if I dont like what you designed?
  • I kindly ask you to have look at my portfolio to get an idea about the style and my personal design approach. I also offer Brand Discovery Sessions 4.800€ exl VAT to ideate and explore a tailore made design for your project.

  • Which After-Sale-Service are you offering?
  • After publishing your project I offer 90min info calls each quartal to gather updates for you websites and to discuss the further development of your brand.

  • I see every cooperation as unique. There is no one solution fits all. I ahve experiences with differen project workflows and I offer you solutions for your individual request.