Scale your Brand
With a Design System

  • 01. What is a Design System
  • 02. Why do we need a Design System
  • 03. Level Up Produkt Quality
  • 04. Strive Process Innovation
  • 05. Better User Experience (UX)
  • 06. Scale Your Brand and Business

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design system

Design System is the direct descendant of the Graphic Brand Guidelines but it's more mature and more integrated into the teams' workflow. With a design system we can create reusable components for complex software design interfaces and guidelines how to use them.

Why do we need a design system

A company’s digital presence can become chaotic when your business scales and products must work across multiple platforms, devices, browsers, and environments. Multiple teams working on a brand’s digital and marketing solutions can easily create variability. With a single source of shared design and code standards we can ensure better collaboration and Brand Consistency.

Level up Your product quality

Consistency in Design - of your unique visual design language, leads to better product quality and more positive feelings towards your brand. Consistent visual and textual communication makes a brand recognizable, reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of its user.

Strive process innovation

With a design system, we can focus on the bigger picture of your business and brand. Having a set of components helps to reduce maintenance and support needs, as well as time and costs involved with administrative work, future development or expansion.

better user experience UX

A design system provides the pathway for an optimized user experience (UX). Better user experiences leads to an increase in conversion and growth. According to research from Forrester*, a design system can improve conversion rates up to 200-400%

Scale your Brand and Business

A strong brand messaging and UI consistency is an important outcome of the design system, to cultivate a coherent look & feel of all touchpoints of your product. The more integrated the system will be with the designers and developers workflows, the more effective it will be.

All big things have to start somewhere. Lets improve your design system to improve your business workflow.