My art is characterized by a Deep interest in the Beauty of Devotion, Mysticiscm and life Prayers - like your very unique form of existence, what we dedicate our life to, an act of giving an effort of time, staying wake for the unknwon. Inspired by my travels in the east, ancient mythology and music alchemy. The moment as a light journey of life captured in black and white photography. Raw cracked peeled seeds of life. Ancient knowledge and the levels of consciousness are transformed into new patterns. Seeds of Life. To inspire. To breath life into our unique form of existence. A manifestation of a magical state of Being. Tradition and Tenderness - merged into the Techno Society, within its noise and distortion.

Living our transformations, new life reincarnations.
Where we "Decode" and "Recode" and manifest and Co-Create. Enter the portal of life.

Tap into the void. search for the light. the sparkels. love life. embrace it, create it. Let your rythm be your medicine. dance into ectasy, Exhale. Inhale. Breath into the Prana, your life forth of existence. Look within. and beyond. Find stillness in chaos. Every Day. You Become. Believe. Stay Wake. Because Your soul seeks adventure. and truth. Get touched by the sweetness, the beauty of the innocent. This moment is the future. Give it a prayer. Amen.